Head Off Stress During Home Hunting

home buying photoWhile buying a home may not rank at the top of the Holmes and Rahe stress chart, try telling it to those going through the home buying process.  In the current seller’s market, trying to find the home that meets your criteria can be daunting and more than a little frustrating, sometimes leaving your current home in disarray. With time in short supply,  it might be more convenient to grab meals on the run, which may leave  you feeling less than 100 percent. Likely you’re working a fulltime job, caring for family and possibly  selling your current home. While you may feel stress levels soaring through the roof, we can recommend some tried & true methods to relieve stress and refresh you for the arduous journey ahead.

Maintain Your Exercise Routine

When tension starts cranking up and duties pile up it’s easy to let things slide off the schedule. Don’t let your exercise routine become a casualty. Regular work outs reduce stress, clear your head and help you sleep better at night.

Remember to Breathe

Even as few as 5 deep lung-cleansing breaths can change your outlook and lower your heart rate. Deep breathing can improve blood flow and help you think more clearly.

Crank up the Music

Or whatever makes you smile whether babbling brook, ocean, rain or boot scoot boogie. All the better if you can throw in a few dance steps. If you concerned about annoying neighbors, onlookers or officemates, remember the headphones.

Live in the Moment

Take time several times a day to be present and fully aware of where you are who you’re with and enjoy being in that space. The saying “Stop and smell the roses” may seem frivolous in the frenzy of home buying but it’s important to take breaks. Try to remember that it’s supposed to be a happy experience.

heat therapyUnwind with Heat Therapy

Heat natural fiber rice bags in an oven or microwave. Lie down and  place bag on your neck and shoulders. Magnify this relaxation technique with soothing spa-type music, and lavender oil or chamomile tea.

Watch a Comedy

Laughing is good medicine and can help you refocus when frustrations run high or unexpected delays  arise.  Take a peek on Netflix, YouTube or your local comedy club.

Hopefully a few of these will help get you through the home buying process. If you have additional stress relievers that work for you, please share them. We’d love to pass them along to our followers. And, follow us on Facebook or  come by our website at:


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